Recent Publications

. Archaeological assessment reveals Earth’s early transformation through land use. In Science, 2019.

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. Risk and resilience in the late glacial: A case study from the western Mediterranean. In Quaternary Science Reviews, 2018.

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. The spatial pattern of climate change during the spread of farming into the Aegean. In Journal of Archaeological Science, 2016.



Agricultural Niche Construction in Roman North Africa

Combining social simulations with climate models to study farming on a desert margin


Detecting global land-use trends in the archaeological record

Drought Variability and Social Interaction in the American Southwest

Investigating how social networks adapt to climatic variability

Dynamic Spatial Interaction Modeling

Modeling the self-organization of human settlement systems

Generalized Additive Models for Spatial Networks

Statistical modeling of complex spatial networks

Mediterranean Landscape Dynamics

Proxy system modeling for the Mediterranean Landcape Dynamics project

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